S*Skimmerdal's Abyssinians

S*Skimmerdal's Zerina Zinnia (ABYn) ruddy Abyssinian born 20 May 2016

Zerina is living with my good friend Pierre and my retired queen Pearl. The thought is that Zerina will hopefully have a couple of litters before she will be Pierres cat. She has have a a troublesome kittenperiod. When really young she got a claw in one of her eyes but thankfully I had the fortune to have a marvellous veterinarian that could save her eye. She is fully recovered now but in certain light we can see the second skin that the vet placed to hold her eye together so unfortantly we won't be able to show her at cat shows but her wonderful temperament will hopefully be pasted on to her kittens.


You can find Zerinas pedigree here