S*Skimmerdal's Abyssinians

S*Aucuparia's Julius, ruddy male abyssinian born 2016-02-28

I have had the greatest of pleasures by having this new wonderful young male from my good friends Jan Sjögren och Jan Eriksson at Aucuparia's. Julle as I call him at home is just a trill. Unafraid of new things and loves both my other cats and every new human he meets. He attended his first two days shows in Uppsala before his move to me and he did great so I have entered him to a couple of others shows this autumn. If everything goes as I hope he will be entered to WW 2016 in Wienna but first we will go to Lulea. My plans is that he will sire some litters sometime next spring 2017.


Here you can find his pedigree