S*Skimmerdal's Abyssinians

Kittens at home now.

February 2018


One blue female left not yet spoken for from litter born 22 December.


December 2017


On the 8th of December Queenie gave birth to three ruddy kitten. 2 males and 1 female. Most likely two are spoken for already.


On 9th of December we are expecting a litter between my blue female S*Skimmerdal's Quiet Queenie and CH (N)Ororina's Gerorge ruddy male. Pedigree for this litter you can find here















Around 22nd of December we will hopefully have another litter arriving between ruddy queen S*Skimmerdal's Ravishing Rosie and the gorgeous blue male S*Aucuparia's New Orleans. Pedigree for this litter you can find here















I also have a very playful sorrel male from the litter born July 23rd if you are interested in a kitten with lots of energy. I adore him totally but have to let him move from us.


August 2017


On July 23rd S*Skimmerdal's Zerina Zinnia gave birth to three kittens. 2 sorrel males Mirou and Merlin and 1 ruddy male Milou. Father to this litter is IC S*Aucuparia's Julius. Pedigree for this litter you can find here


July 2017


On the 14th of July S*Skimmerdal's Happy Harmony gave birth to four ruddy kittens. Proud father is IC S*Aucuparia's Julius. Both mother and father are ruddies carrying sorrel. It is three females and one male. Their names are S*Skimmerdal's Jade, Jace Jenna and Jasmine. Pedegree for this litter you can find here None is booked so far so if intrerested in your own kitten from me let me know.


May 2017


All four kittens have found homes but hopefully I might have a new litter around 7 June if you are interested. Mum S*Skimmerdal's Zerina Zinnia and dad S*Aucuparia's Julius link to pedigree . This combination might give us ruddy and sorrel kittens. I will post more as soon as I have confirmation that she is carrying.


March 2017


Fizzie gave birth to five kittens on the 23rd of February. Unfortantly one of the five was born with nervdamage so left is 2 boys and 2 girls all ruddy. Tiger, Tindra, Tin-Tin and Tamara is their names. Now at almost five weeks of age Tiger is spoken for.


Pedigree for Fizzie and Julius kittens


All kittens from my I-litter has moved and as it is today Queenie is staying with us or if I can find a fosterhome for her to move to.


January 2017

The sorrel male from Hamonys litter is still available and now my queen Fizzie (Filifjonkan) is showing signs of expecting kittens. She is due around 24 February and sire to this litter is my young male Julius.


December 2016


I have two litters of four kittens in total at the moment. Rosie gave birth on 23rd of November to a blue female (spoken for) and Harmony gave birth the same day to three kittens 1 ruddy male (spoken for), 1 ruddy female (spoken for) and 1 sorrel male available.


Pedigree Rosies litter

Pedigree Harmonys litter


August 2016

We are hopefully being able to present two new litters before end of 2016.


My two young females S*Skimmerdal's Happy Harmony is to date my old stud Raffe and S*Skimmerdal's Ravishing Rosie will meet S*Aucuparia's Katmandu as soon as they are ready.


May 2016

On May th 20th Fizzie gave birth to a ruddy female Zerina. She will stay in the cattery until she has had a litter then the ownership will go to her new family that will give her already now a happy home from the age of 12 weeks.


25 March 2016

We are maybe expecting a new litter in May 2016. Our queen Filifjonkan, ABYn had a meeting with a blue male with ear tufs by the name S*Aucuparia's Katmandu. It ended in romance but little to early to know if she is carrying kittens yet. This mating will also show if Filifjonkan is carrying dilution which I hope.


The pedigree for the future kittens you can find here


Price per kitten 9500 SEK


The kittens leave for new homes earliest at 12 weeks of age and they are than vaccinated 2 times against feline panleukopenia (distemper), feline viral rhinotracheitis and feline calicivirus, kittens are checked by a vet less then 7 days before moving, they have pedigree from SVERAK, they bring some food for the first couple of days, some toys and a CD with photos of their first weeks. If the kitten needs passport or vaccine for rabies it will be charged to the new owner as well as transfer papers if not the new owner is a member of a FIFe organisation. If the new owner wants extra tests before buying for example bloodtype, PRA- PK, Tricomonas or Guardia etc he/she have to pay for it.