S*Skimmerdal's Abyssinians


21/3-2018 The two blueberry sisters have moved into their new homes and left is Samara that will attend Björkstakattens cat show before her move. I have only three older cats that needs rehoming in near future but most important is that it's to the right family.

12/2 2018 Sorry for porr updates. We have been busy with two litters one born 8 December of three ruddies and a second one 22 December of one ruddy and two blues. From these two litters only one blue female Savannah is not yet spoken for.


8/12-2017 New litter of three ruddy kittens is born. See more under kitten page.


6/12-2017 We are proud to say that we have two litters arriving in december. More under kittens. I also have one sorrel male Miroe that wantsa family of his of his own. Born 2017-07-23. More under kittens.


23 August 2017 Now we have more kittens. July 23rd Zerina gave birth two 2 sorrel males and 1 ruddy male. More under kittens.


20 July 2017 Four kittens born see more under kittens.


Previous litters are up to date


5 May 2017 All four kittens have found homes. I might have another litter on the way. See more under Kittens


27 March 2017 Fizzie and Julles kittens are soon 5 weeks old. 1 ruddy male and 2 ruddy females are looking for homes.