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S*Skimmerdal's Abyssinians

Me and my daughter


My name is Anna Källström and I live in Kasamark located 2 Swedish miles southwest from Umeå. I share the household with my daughter Sandra Olofsson and 7 adult Abyssinian cats for the moment. My first Abyssinians I bought in 1996 and my first litter arrived 2006 the same year that I got my breeder name S*Skimmerdal's. Since then I have had 1-2 litters yearly until this year 2015 when I'm aspecting my fourth litter the same year. I have a §16-permit which is a government permit after inspecting my cattery and done investigation that I'm fit to handle more litters and is keeping all to a certain standard.


I sometimes refer to myself as the crazy busy cat lady. I have often different assignments within cat clubs such as different positions in boards or maintaining web sites or making a newspapers for the club. I also been in charge of arranging cat shows. In 2015 I have been withdrawing a bit from the hectic lifestile and is now Chair woman for Abyklubben, webmaster for the catclub Fräset and planning in 2016 mostly go to different cat shows and maybe have some kittens. Time will tell :)


I've done some courses due to my cat interest. Two course with Pawpeds G1 and G2. I've done a test in SVERAK and have a diploma as a breeder.