S*Skimmerdal's Abyssinians


23 August 2017 Now we have more kittens. July 23rd Zerina gave birth two 2 sorrel males and 1 ruddy male. More under kittens.


20 July 2017 Four kittens born see more under kittens.


Previous litters are up to date


5 May 2017 All four kittens have found homes. I might have another litter on the way. See more under Kittens


27 March 2017 Fizzie and Julles kittens are soon 5 weeks old. 1 ruddy male and 2 ruddy females are looking for homes.


22 January 2017

I have still one sorrel male available from Harmonys litter born 23 November 2016


Fizzie is showing signs of carrying kittens. She is due around 24th of February. Sire to this litter is my young male Julius. More under kittens.


Zerina have her own page now.


20 Decembr 2016

- Kitten page is up to date. At the moment I have one sorrel male available


3 August 2016

- Almost all pages are up to date. Zerina will soon have her own page but she's a kitten and soon moving to Pierre and my formar queen Pearl. I hope to have two new litters before end of this year see kitten page.